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A Traveller’s Guide to Busking: David Juritz at TEDxSPS


David Juritz, the founder of Musequality, is a huge source of inspiration and support for us at Child’s Play (India) Foundation.

Here is a video that explains why.


It is fair to say that had he not embarked on his remarkable “Round the World and Bach” initiative in 2007 to mark his 50th birthday, we might well not have been able to see light of day ourselves.

In the video above, Juritz describes his first-hand experience of social exclusion, and also the redeeming qualities of learning and playing music.

In particular I was moved by these words of his:

“There is only ONE way of playing an instrument: and that is to put in the time and effort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl, whether your parents are rich or poor, or where you come from. The main determining factor is what you are prepared to do; whether you’ve got the perseverance, and the tenaciousness to go through the process. There’s no pretence possible. You can’t fake it. You can either play or you can’t play”.

So true. And this simple fact is the equaliser that we can offer our children. If we can get the teaching to them, and they for their part then put in the time and effort, then the sky is truly the limit!