Child's Play (India) Foundation

Patricia Rozario at Hamara School

We were delighted and honoured to have internationally-acclaimed soprano Patricia Rozario visit our children at Hamara School on 29 July, to hear our fledgling choir.


It’s an initiative that is barely a few weeks old, and we are grateful to the indefatigable Jean Kalgutkar for giving us her time, energy and enthusiasm to set it up and keep it going.


Ms. Rozario was delighted to find that quite a few of the children had really lovely voices, and could pitch notes quite well.


She worked with the kids and really got them going, with vocal exercises and warm-ups!



She gave us a few pointers on working with the children to utilise their “head” voices, and promised to come back to check on their progress and work with them! 🙂


We also had a boy soprano, young Rahul Lobo from Dubai come over that afternoon to sing for them. He’s an amazing talent that had come to Ms. Rozario’s attention just a few days before.


He gave our children a very good idea of what this “head” voice” is all about. He and his mum visit Goa almost every month, so we gratefully accepted his offer to spend some time wit our kids on his visits!


And as if all that wasn’t excitement enough for one afternoon, we also had a lady from the local press (camera slung round her neck in the pic) come round to do a feature on Child’s Play (India) Foundation!

The kids really have so much potential, it really gives us so much positive energy!