Child's Play (India) Foundation

Thanks to our donors!

We have been very lucky with instrument donations. Whenever we have needed something, our generous band of supporters come through for us and somehow ensure that we get what we need. This is what happened to us recently. Some of our flutes needed repairs and it is more expensive to repair them properly here than to buy a new one. We sent out a request to the Universe to help our students get decent instruments to play on.

And guess what? The Universe (ok, Facebook) conspired to help. Within weeks, offers for flutes have been pouring in from all over the world. The first of these was gratefully received via our dear friend Heta Pandit, who brought this lovely flute on behalf of her friend Fauzia in Australia. Thanks Heta and Fauzia!


Then, Beverly Afonso who came to our Junior Camerata rehearsal offered to donate two cellos for our children. At the rehearsal Beverly noticed that the cello kids were taking turns in playing as we don’t have enough cellos for everybody, so she gallantly stepped in and made a tremendous difference with that one gesture. Thank you, Beverly!