Child's Play (India) Foundation

Press: Goa Streets, August 2013

Goa Streets recently did an article on Child’s Play where they explored our work and interviewed our Founder and Project Director Dr. Luis Dias. You can read the article by clicking on the link above or on the screenshot below.


Just a couple of points:

  • The article mentions that we have “over 200 children”. The number is closer to 150, but we hope to reach 200 very soon.
  • In addition to violin, viola, cello and choir, some of our children are also learning voice at the Kala Academy.
  • Camerata Child’s Play India, under the baton of Prof. Santiago Lusardi Girelli of the University of Seville, had their first performance in April 2013 (not June 2013, as mentioned in the article).  Further, the collaboration between the University of Seville and Child’s Play does not have an end date. We hope that this collaboration will be an ongoing one for many years to come and that this will encourage other universities and music conservatories to work on volunteer projects with us.