Child's Play (India) Foundation

And now…. Keyboard!

On 8 August 2012, we began keyboard lessons for the kids at Hamara School.




It’s funny how one thing leads to another:

A lot of our recorder students used to enjoy the singing sessions that went along with learning their instrument. They literally begged for more opportunities to sing. So we began choir last month.

We had a little keyboard donated to us, so our choir teacher Jean Kalgutkar began to use that in her sessions. That sparked off a flurry of interest in that instrument as well. It turned out that at least one of the children had a miniature keyboard at home, and was trying to play it on their own.

And Providence played a hand as well. I had met Dominic Pereira (seated at the keyboard in the pictures) in another connection quite recently, and he was recommended by others to me as well.

So now we have him teaching our kids keyboard.

It opens up fresh possibilities. I look forward to the day our choir can be accompanied at the keyboard or piano by one of the kids themselves. And why not violin(or viola/cello)-piano, voice-piano, piano trios and quartets?