Child's Play (India) Foundation

Video: Violin kids make progress!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of visiting British Suzuki teacher Clare Raybould and our violin teacher at Hamara School, Syanna Fernandes, the children are making rapid strides. Here’s a short video taken a few days ago. Enjoy!

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Meet the Woodwinds @ Hamara School

Last week, by sheer coincidence, we had two talented musicians visiting us in Goa. Stuart Potter is a bassoonist currently teaching the instrument at the Kodaikanal International School. He was in Goa on a holiday and we were very pleased to have him share his music with us.

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“Bahut Lucky hain!”

Irfan is one of our more keen violin students in the Child’s Play (India) Foundation music project at Hamara School.
I was driving him to a private lesson with Sanya Cotta, an extremely gifted Goan-origin violinist who now studies and works in Germany, and regularly coaches young

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And now…. Keyboard!

On 8 August 2012, we began keyboard lessons for the kids at Hamara School.


It’s funny how one thing leads to another:
A lot of our recorder students used to enjoy the singing sessions that went along with learning their instrument. They literally begged

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Patricia Rozario at Hamara School

We were delighted and honoured to have internationally-acclaimed soprano Patricia Rozario visit our children at Hamara School on 29 July, to hear our fledgling choir.

It’s an initiative that is barely a few weeks old, and we are grateful to the indefatigable Jean Kalgutkar for giving us her time,

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The Sound of Music : We have a choir!

We are delighted to announce that we now have a girls choir led by the very experienced and capable Jean Kalgutkar.  Our first lesson at Hamara School took place on Monday.
Jean has been training choirs for decades and still teaches at the Kala Academy. We are delighted to have

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Reshma gets a viola

Reshma is one of the girls in our violin project at Hamara School. She successfully auditioned for the Kala Academy last December , where she is now studying viola with Elvina Fernandes. Elvina helped Reshma choose a new instrument last week.

Thank you, Musequality

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