Child's Play (India) Foundation

Meet the Woodwinds @ Hamara School

Last week, by sheer coincidence, we had two talented musicians visiting us in Goa. Stuart Potter is a bassoonist currently teaching the instrument at the Kodaikanal International School. He was in Goa on a holiday and we were very pleased to have him share his music with us.

Akihide Noguchi is a Japanese clarinetist currently working in the Philippines. He has begun a project similar to Child’s Play and he was in Goa to see our project and share ideas with us.

Both Stuart and Akihide were very generous with their time and music. To make the most of our visitors time, Child’s Play organised two ‘Meet the Woodwind’ events. The children at Hamara School were delighted to see and touch these new instruments.






Who knows, this may inspire one of the kids to take up the bassoon or the clarinet! We sure hope so!

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