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Meet the Viola da Gamba

When unusual instruments come to town, we like to celebrate it. Filipa Menses, pianist and proponent of the viola da gamba was recently in Goa to perform at a concert with Hugo Reis, Portuguese guitar.

In advance of the concert, Child’s Play was delighted to host a ‘Meet the Viola da Gamba’ at Casa da Moeda. Filipa took time out from rehearsing to show off her lovely instrument, play a couple of solos and also duets with local musicians Ashley Rego, Dr. Luis Dias and Susan Badiyari. The event certainly whetted the appetite of the audience for more.


An attentive audience listens to Filipa rehearsing with Susan Badiyari


Ashley Rego, Dr. Luis Dias and Filipa Meneses perform to a full house.

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Filipa talks about the Viola da Gamba, how she fell in love with it and what her career has been like.