Child's Play (India) Foundation

Our first Christmas /all-season cards are here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first range of Christmas / all-season cards. Remember our Christmas card competition? We had dozens of entries and thank you to everyone who sent us cards by post and online. We chose two drawings for our cards and the third card has a photo of our lovely kids at Auxilium school, Aldona.


This card (below) was made by Mia Coutinho, age 6.


This card (below) is by Nestel Fernandes, age 8.


And our kids from Aldona with their brand new instruments.


The cards are blank inside and have our logo and a little note about our work at the back. They are priced at Rs.15/- each and make lovely Christmas cards or informal notecards for any occasion. To order please email

Thank you for your support!